Livescan Level 2 fingerprinting

Livescan Level 2 fingerprinting

Livescan Level 2 fingerprinting

LiveScan is inkless electronic fingerprinting. The applicant's fingerprints

are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice or FBI

for a criminal record check. 


Background Check

Livescan Level 2 fingerprinting

Livescan Level 2 fingerprinting

Check drivers license and motor vehicle records including status, class type, points, and all violations.

Check for criminal records, employment history, SS verification, etc.

Livescan Fingerprints


AHCA Background Screening

The Agency for Healthcare Administration Level 2 Background Check-Live Scan includes all healthcare providers.

DCF Background Screening

Department of Children and Families

DBPR Background Screening

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

Real Estate Sales and Brokers, Real Estate Appraisers, General Contractor

VECHS Program

Volunteer & Employee Criminal History System.

For qualified entities providing some type of care for children or the elderly. 

Background Check


Driving Record

A motor vehicle report covers driving records for both commercial CDL and non-commercial driving records in all 50 states.

County Civil Search

Civil history records provide information about claims, suits and judgements.

Employment Verification

An employment verification check employer's records during individual stated period of employment.